Venture Tech Sheath Systems is a custom Kydex knife sheath and holster maker based in Ohio.  All kydex items are hand made of the best quality materials and made in America. We have ready made kydex  products available such as the Venture Klip or the InDex Sheath, as well as  other poducts intended for adventurous pursuits.
The Venture Klip

Available currently in

  • TAN
The Venture Klip (Patent Pend.) is a new way to carry your pocket sized gear and knives in the same way you carry your favorite pocket clip folder.

Originally developed to carry the inventor's Swiss Army knife as a handy Every Day Carry tool, the Venture Klip quickly became popular for other items as well.  It excels as a flashlight carrying device, a non-magnetic addition to keep your compass near at hand and accurate, or a way to carry your favorite knife or multi-tool deeper in your pocket.  Need a way to clip your fire-steel... wherever?  Use the Venture Klip!

The Venture Klip is currently in use by Everyday Folks, World Travelers, Police, Security, SWAT team members, Adventurers, Shopkeepers, Survival Preppers, Jungle Experts, Firemen and now YOU!

Venture Klip(any color)
Price: $6.00 each ($5.00 shipping for any quantity up to 50)

InDex Sheath size 1 Black
Price $12.00 each (shipping included)

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The Venture Klip
Now in 8 colors!!
Venture Klip(any color)
Price: $6.00 each (+$4.00 Domestic S+H for any quantity up to 20. Please state color you want in 'Notes' upon checkout)
Uses for and things to hold with the Venture Klip include but are not limited to:

Swiss army knives
Pepper/OC/tear gas sprays
Keys and key rings
ID badges
The Outdoor Podcast has recently done a video review of the Venture Kllip, Check it out!
  • Hot Pink
  • Dark Blue
The InDex Multi-sheath

The InDex multi-sheath( IN pocket KyDEX) is the new in-pocket carry system from Venturetech. Constructed of durable Kydex and rubber the InDex is the height of versatility. If your multi tool or item will fit in, it will carry it.  The sheath is a true innovation in Kydex.  Once limited to one sheath for one item with no substitutions the InDex Kydex sheath allows secure top of pocket edge carry for what you need. 

Will work with Swiss army knives, Leatherman multi tools, or any object you want to carry in it! (lighters,pens,etc. No bare blades please!).  Size 1 sheaths will fit objects up to 5" x 1.5" x .75" (5 inches by one and a half inches by three quarters of an inch thick).

Will fit Leatherman Wave, Sidekick, Gerber 400 series tools, full size Victorinox Swiss Tools, etc.

Other features include:

Water drains right out.

·The band securing the sheath is a field replaceable bicycle inner tube.  Easy to repair or replace from any big box store.

·Being rubber,the band makes a good emergency fire starter.  You need to replace it to make the sheath function again, but         you'll have fire!

·The sheath is designed to hold the object inside your pocket.  If you have a catastrophic sheath failure the object it contains             stays in your pocket, not lost on the trail.

Price: $12.00 each, domestic S+H included     Size 1 sheath. ( Size 1 sheaths will fit objects up to 5" x 1 1/2" x 3/4")
( More sizes coming soon)

Venturetech Sheath Systems
"Go have an adventure.We'll hold your gear."